Play Advisory Council

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The Play Advisory Council formed as a result of SimplyFun’s ongoing partnership with play experts Matt Brown and Toni Linder, Ed.D, Professor Emeritus, who have helped identify key learning and skill elements in the brand’s award-winning games and activities. Members of the council will contribute to SimplyFun’s strategic direction and long-range product development.

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Toni Linder
Ed.D., Professor
Toni Linder, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus, Child, Family, and School Psychology Program, Morgridge College of Education, University of Denver, University Park, Denver, CO 20208.

Dr. Toni Linder is a leader in the field of early childhood development and early childhood special education. She works with children of diverse backgrounds and ability levels, including children that are gifted and talented, who have disabilities or come from backgrounds of poverty, and those from multicultural backgrounds.

She is particularly known for her work on authentic assessment for young children and is the author of Transdisciplinary Play-based Assessment and Transdisciplinary Play-based Intervention (1990, 1993, 2008). In addition, she developed Read, Play, and Learn (1999), an inclusive, literature and play-based curriculum for preschool and kindergarten learning and development.

Dr. Linder consults nationally and internationally on assessment, intervention, early childhood education, program and curriculum development, family involvement issues, and the importance of play to children’s development. She has a particular interest in the importance of play for children with autism. Dr. Linder has conducted research on a variety of issues, including observation of play skills, transdisciplinary influences on development, parent-child interaction, curriculum outcomes, math and literacy learning, and using technology for professional development in rural areas.

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Matt Brown
Play Expert
For over 20 years Matt has been leading high-performing teams to develop vibrant business cultures, invent and launch high-impact branded platforms, and turn around underperforming brands and businesses. Matt consults with Fortune 500 and early stage companies, usually working with the C-suite. He has been an SVP at Scholastic, President of Klutz, Vice-President of LeapFrog, Chief Gaming Officer of Conteneo and Chief Strategist at Speck Design.

He also co-founded a couple of companies including big BOING, an integrated strategy, innovation and development company that partnered with Kraft, Disney, Coca Cola, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Learning Curve and others to invent, design and launch (or completely overhaul) major domestic and international brands. His portfolio of brand and product launches exceeds $250MM.Matt is an advisor for PBS Kids, GoAnimate and Power Play.

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Patty Pearcy
President & CEO
SimplyFun, LLC
Patty Pearcy is a creative, imaginative leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. As president and CEO of SimplyFun LLC, she combines her passion for education and business in support of SimplyFun’s mission to build smarter kids and stronger families through the amazing power of play.

Patty was introduced to SimplyFun when she was asked by a friend to help the young company during its launch. What started as a favor turned into a life-changing experience, as Patty found her calling with a passion for education and a desire to make a difference in the lives of children and families.

In addition to leading the SimplyFun team, Patty is also an active contributor to various children’s groups in the Seattle area. Together with her assistant, Tibbar the rabbit, Patty supports SimplyFun’s Simply Caring program; a national corporate giving initiative that benefits the My Stuff Bags Foundation, providing comfort items to children in traumatic situations.

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Alan Luce
Founder & CEO Luce, Murphy, Fong & Associates and SimplyFun, LLC Chairman of the Board
Alan Luce is a veteran direct seller and senior management executive at major companies like Tupperware and PartyLite gifts, and currently the Chairman of the Board at SimplyFun.

He was the founder & CEO of Dorling Kindersley Family Learning, which became a $40 million business in its first 4 years. Today he's a consultant to more than a hundred direct selling companies, from start-ups to major powers such as Princess House, Avon and Amway.

An expert in compensation plans, startup strategies and sales management programs, Alan sits on the boards of numerous direct sales companies. His many honors include induction into the Direct Selling Association Hall of Fame and the Direct Selling Education Foundation's Circle of Honor.