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SimplyFun Blog - Play It Forward Every Day

Play It Forward, Every Day

by Patty Pearcy

Many years ago, SimplyFun launched an annual program, held in February, called Play It Forward. This special opportunity allowed our party hosts to donate a pack of games to a local charity of their choice as part of their party awards. From those early days, the program has evolved to much more than just a one-month promotion. It is now an ongoing symbol of our commitment to make a difference in family life and in kids’ skill development each and every day.

A meaningful mission

What does Play It Forward mean to us at SimplyFun? In many ways it is a state of mind. It’s where play takes its rightful place as one of the three methods kids use for learning. It also reinforces how families stay connected in the role it plays in joining people together. From sibling to sibling, generation to generation, and friend to friend through the amazing power of shared play. In inviting others to experience SimplyFun gameplay, we let our games do the talking for us. From awards, blogger reviews and comments from our customers, we know the impact our games can make. As advocates for a daily dose of play, we help foster family togetherness through our board games.

We believe in play for all

Finding ways to bring the benefits of play to families everywhere is our top priority and lies at the heart of our Play It Forward movement. But not all families are fortunate enough to have the resources to embrace something as fundamental as play. When the pandemic hit, our salesforce stepped up to the challenge to help families cope by delivering game solutions and bring laughter, joy and learning to those now sequestered. SimplyFun also stepped up at the corporate level and arranged an early delivery of half of the allotted annual donations to My Stuff Bags Foundation and Toys for Tots from Fall to Spring 2020, as their reserves of games became critically low due to the increased need during this time.

The Play It Forward difference

As we move into 2021, it is clear the benefits that play brings and the lessons it teaches are needed more now than ever. Establishing connections with others who may be different from ourselves, learning to listen and communicate clearly. Additionally, it helps foster cooperation and compromise. It allows us to embrace successes and failures. It helps build resiliency that arises from all of life’s lessons. By helping bring gameplay back to family life as a necessity, we show our commitment each day to Playing if Forward, and to contribute to building a better world for the generations that follow us.