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About SimplyFun

SimplyFun has always had a passion for playtime. Starting in 2004, we developed traditional board games and saw the joyful effect they had on children. And we loved that. But this got us thinking...

Instead of simply teaching kids to play, could we create games that help them thrive?


In 2008, we launched a new line of educational games and put them into the hands of families. Right away, parents saw a transformation in the lives of their children. Preschoolers giggled their way through stories they created. Grade‑schoolers learned the fun of math. And kids with challenges blossomed and shared their gifts through play.


Since then, it’s been our mission to help children at every skill level develop their unique gifts using the power of play. Our games are fun to play, and supplement structured learning with life and educational skill development. They also help parents balance their kids' screen time with face‑to‑face attention and togetherness.


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We work with notable designers like Reiner Knizia, Michael Schacht, Alan Moon and Aaron Weissblum to create games that both children and parents want to play. Each game is evaluated by our Play Advisory Council who make sure the needs of different ages and skill levels are met.

This commitment to quality has helped SimplyFun win over 200 awards from leading organizations in the world of play, education and parenting.

One thing that has not changed since the company’s first day is the sharing of our games through direct sales. It’s still about one mom or dad talking to another parent to help them find the right game for their family. We couldn’t be more grateful for our family of Playologists, and we fully support them as they host parties in‑person and online. We also follow the highest standards of ethics and behavior, so each of our Playologists can be proud of the work they do as Independent Consultants for SimplyFun.