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SimplyFun Blog  - The Importance of Helping Your Kids Set Goals

The Importance of Helping Your Kids Set Goals

by SimplyFun

Setting goals is important for everyone, including kids. Did you know that setting attainable goals actually helps with their development?

From learning to set plans to feeling that incredible sense of accomplishment, kids benefit greatly from working through their goals. Work with them to help set goals and achieve something new this year.

Developmental Benefits

Goals aren’t just about getting something done. Instead, they’re the chance for your child to learn new skills and further their mental, emotional, physical and social development. When you look beyond the goal itself, your child benefits by:
  • Learning responsibility
  • Increasing confidence
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Develop better focus
  • Improved organization
  • Being better goal setters in the future

By learning how to set and achieve goals now, you’re setting your child up for a more successful future. The skills they learn help turn them into adults full of perseverance, confidence and hope for their futures.

Problems With Goals

According to scientific studies, only 8% of people achieve their goals. This was based on adults. However, teaching your kids how to set and achieve goals early on in life helps them set attainable goals, achieve them and push themselves to accomplish even more.

Setting Goals The Right Way

The secret to success is setting goals the right way. When it comes to kids, the goals must be realistic and something your kid is actually interested in achieving. For instance, you might want them to take dance lessons, but their passion lies with building robots. They’re more likely to learn how goals work if they’re working towards something they truly want.

A few great ways to get your child started on the path to goal setting success are:
  • Listen to what they wish they could do
  • Start with small goals (each small victory gives them the confidence to strive for more)
  • Make every goal attainable
  • Explain how goal planning works based on what they’ve already achieved (such as learning to read or winning at a favorite game)
  • Work with them to create a step-by-step plan (each step is a small victory)
  • Enforce that failing just means try again and not complete failure

Each little failure might feel devastating at first, but be there to support them. Help them set new goals and work with them to help them succeed.

Celebrate Successes

One of the most important parts is to celebrate your child’s successes. Having something to look forward to pushes kids through obstacles and makes them more likely to succeed at their goals.