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SimplyFun Blog Shelter at Home and Play

Shelter at Home and Play

by Toni Linder

Games are always fun, but during these days of having to shelter at home, finding ways to bring the family together in joint activities is essential. Whether you are sheltering with just your immediate family or with a couple of generations, play is right there with you. Laughter, connection and togetherness all help combat the stresses upon us.

Play brings activities that makes us smile, talk and laugh together. Whether we are gardening, cooking, walking and riding bikes together. Or if we’re dancing, singing, and being silly together. Those are all types of play! We are also remembering the games from our childhood (and our parents’ childhoods) and we are discovering new games too. Games take us away from the stresses of the day and take us into a place where we can use our imagination, focus on a fun, short term goal, and use problem solving skills to outsmart our family members. Board games allow siblings to be competitive, within a friendly structure of rules. Games make us take turns and require that we watch what others are doing and listen to their comments. They allow us to laugh with others in a positive environment.

Why choose games?

Games encourage us to talk about a topic that is noncontroversial and allows mutual problem-solving. And games allow children to learn something new, practice math, geography, or another topic and it doesn’t feel like the structured online learning they may have been experiencing while shelter at home orders have been in place. In addition, many games can be played in teams, which allows families to redistribute themselves in a new social configuration: boys vs. girls, parents vs. children, grandparent and grandchild vs. parents, depending on who is sheltering together.

SimplyFun Blog Shelter at Home and Play - Eye to Eye

Games from SimplyFun

SimplyFun offers a wide range of games, including party games like Eye to Eye; dice games like Archery Dice; communication games, like Family Stories or What If?; strategy games such as Matter and Zone to Zone; or spatial reasoning games, such as Pelican Cove. Even games for the youngest children, such as Buddy Match, end up being fun for the whole family and encourage creative modifications. Older siblings can be paired with younger siblings to play games as well, encouraging a supportive teaching role for the older sibling.

SimplyFun Blog Shelter at Home and Play - What If?

This is a challenging time, but it is also a time when families can come together in new ways to create new memories. Create a family game night, or even a half-hour each day to play a game together. Take turns choosing the game you want to play. Start an on-going contest. Get out the games—old and new—and most of all, simply have fun!

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