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SimplyFun Blog - PLAY Your Way Through Summer

PLAY Your Way Through Summer!

by SimplyFun

We have a PASSION for PLAYTIME! Summer is officially here and school is out, so now’s the time to incorporate fun with learning to keep skills fresh. SimplyFun games help make education an immersive experience for a lifetime of learning through play!

Playing games with family and friends has so many benefits. It promotes creative thinking and social development, builds strategy skills, helps teach time management skills, and is great for cognitive function. Pick out a game or two that will sharpen a specific skill, discover a new family game night favorite, or uncover your child’s new passion with game play. Here are some ideas to jumpstart FUN with learning this summer!

SimplyFun Blog - PLAY Your Way Through Summer

Buddy Hop

2-5 players • 4 & up • 10–15 min

Get your body moving as you hop through two games in one! Game one concentrates on building memory and sequencing skills; game two concentrates on building quick visual association skills.

Skills Focus : Memory, Gross Motor Skills, Sequencing

SimplyFun Blog - PLAY Your Way Through Summer

Kids on the Go Card Set

2-6 players • 4 & up • 20 min

Keep kiddos occupied for hours with the ‘Kids on the Go’ card set featuring four SimplyFun games in one set. This fun set of card games introduces young players to taking turns, matching, and recognizing their colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.

Skills Focus : Color, Shape, Number and Letter Recognition, Matching

SimplyFun Blog - PLAY Your Way Through Summer

Is or Isn't

2-5 players • 6 & up • 15 min

Play along with the adorable creatures that live in this game’s thesaurus to learn synonyms and antonyms! Identify the synonyms or antonyms on your bingo board, then cover the squares with a token. Be the first player to complete a line of four tokens horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and win the game!

Skills Focus : Synonyms and Antonyms, Vocabulary

SimplyFun Blog - PLAY Your Way Through Summer


2-5 players • 7 & up • 30 min

Let’s go on a wild expedition with SavannaScapes! In this social science game, players explore the incredible biodiversity of the Serengeti-Mara and is a wildly realistic ecology game. Players select species tiles with plant and animal stats to develop an ecosystem supporting savanna wildlife. The game includes a booklet with fun facts about savanna plants and animals for a portable way to learn.

Skills Focus : Ecosystems, Strategy

SimplyFun Blog - PLAY Your Way Through Summer

Grill Party

2-5 players • 8 & up • 20–30 min

Learn “more than” and “less than” concepts by placing and swapping food pieces on the grill to match situations on your food cards. Be the first to match all your cards to win. We can’t promise you won’t get hungry in the process!

Skills Focus : Algebra, Planning

SimplyFun Blog - PLAY Your Way Through Summer

Planet Voyagers

2-5 players • 8 & up • 30 min

Three, two, one blast off! Journey through space visiting our planets and learning amazing facts about our solar system. The race begins at the Sun and each player chooses which cards to play from their hand to either advance their rocket or research other planets to gain more points. The first player to reach Neptune or earn 12 points wins the game, so chart your course to be the “top” Planet Voyager.

Skills Focus : Astronomy, Strategy