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Play Delivers

by Patty Pearcy

It is a fact that every time you tee up play, it delivers. Play can impact you when you least expect it and make a big difference in your family life… just read these stories from our SimplyFun Independent Consultant leaders:

  • I Don’t Like Math! How many times have we heard that from our kids? “Yet, one evening we pulled out a math-based game that the whole family could play and all of a sudden my ‘I don’t like math’ child is engaged and wants to play again. Math is such an important skill that it felt like a major breakthrough.”

  • Dating Again? When was the last time you had ‘me time’ with that special loved one? “Laughter, moments without screens and time with that special guy who just happens to be my husband brings a playfulness back to our relationship. It’s added a new dimension that we haven’t experienced since we were dating.” Adults need time together too, and what better way than to enjoy some game time without the kids?

  • I Won! As a kid, winning your first game while playing against your parents is a special moment. “We never purposefully let our child win, so when he does legitimately earn a win playing against his parents it’s special. Imagine your child beating your chess master husband at chess as a 6 year old… the first day he learned how to play. This has given our little one the most real sense of confidence and ability, more than anything he could have gotten from a participation trophy. That moment becomes a lifetime memory complete with bragging rights.”

  • What’s a Sibling For? This one is actually my story. Being an only child, it was a real treat to go visit my friend who had an older brother and younger sister. It was my first introduction to the friendly but sometimes fierce interactions between siblings. But the real attraction was their amazing toy closet filled with board games. Having a fourth player was a treat for them as it changed up the dynamic of play in new ways. But first there were a few lessons that I needed to be taught, like how to lose gracefully (since I was almost always the loser), how to play fairly (wasn’t there an easier way to win?) and probably the most important one… how to be resilient and try again. I was long overdue for all of those lessons at age 7, but I’ve probably used them more than any others. Play fair, take your lumps and try again. Aren’t those lessons to live by?

Can you now picture how to let play bring a solution, make a connection or build skills in your family? Maybe it just needs a larger place in your weekly schedule. Just one hour together can be enough to let play do its work and create those important moments, lessons and memories for your family. It’s an opportunity (and some fun) that should not be missed.

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About the Author

Patty Pearcy is President and CEO of SimplyFun. She is an innovative leader who combines her passions for education and business in support of SimplyFun’s mission to champion a vibrant play–based education that enriches children and families.