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SimplyFun Blog -How the Kids on the Go Card Game Set Saved Family Time

How the Kids on the Go Card Game Set Saved Family Time

by SimplyFun

Written by: Guest Blogger, Corrine Stein

In our family of five, we find that our kids’ age gaps can be challenging to say the least. We are dealing with a three-year-old who takes most of our attention and teens who seek more and more screen time each day. In our latest struggle, a discussion over dinner with the teens turned sour, resulting in a lack of engagement on their part. In contrast, our toddler was overly so, which prompted me to try out the Kids on the Go Card Set, our newest SimplyFun game.

I’ve been excited to add this set to our game collection because many games are overly simple for our teens or too complicated for our toddler. So, finding a game that everyone can enjoy is typically a challenge. The Kids on the Go Card Set is a modern take on four classic card games and is family appropriate. While the teens were resuming their evening in dark caves, a.k.a, their bedrooms, I busted out Chums.

I convinced everyone to play Chums for a few minutes and promised they could resume their regular activities soon after (gotta love the short playtimes). This “go fish” style game was quickly taught, and the adaptations provided options for every level of play. Our toddler could ask for shapes and colors, and while the rest of us could have used the proper fish names, we chose to keep it simple and stick to shapes and colors too.

How the Right Game Can Unite a Family

SimplyFun Blog -How the Kids on the Go Card Game Set Saved Family Time

SimplyFun Blog -How the Kids on the Go Card Game Set Saved Family Time

My teens were initially reluctant, still in a poor mood from dinner, but agreed to join after a quick stare down with us parents. As each round progressed, the bad moods faded away, and the fun began to shine through. While I ended with no points (mom life), the three kids only lost to Dad by one set of cards, and the three-way tie for second place was a blessing. I have raised three sore losers, and while we continue to work on it, ties can be a relief sometimes!

Mom, Can We Play Another Card Game?

So, after their mandatory family time was up…. to my surprise, they asked to open another card game within the set instead of resuming screen time. Get the Fly was made possible by creating a team with our toddler and one teen. Also, a side of hoping she would not shout out loud if they got the fly or not. But the competition was brutal and full of the deception that only gameplay can provide sometimes, so naturally, we enjoyed every minute.

Ultimately, what started as forced family time thawed from its icy shell and became a memory of joy and laughter that I know my “mom heart” will never forget.