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SimplyFun Blog - Feeling Good By Doing Good

Feelin' Good By Doin' Good

by Patty Pearcy

Play it Forward this month!

Who doesn’t like to feel good? The answer is that we all do, and it is interesting how many ways we think of to make that happen. Maybe our definition of feeling good is a spa treatment, a special dinner, reading a book, doing some exercise, finishing a project or starting one. There are so many ways to feel good. But you know what?

We often forget that the easiest and, frankly, one of the best ways to feel better is to do something nice for someone else.

SimplyFun Blog - Feeling Good By Doing Good

The gratification is instantaneous, and it’s also communal! Both parties feel good, receiver and giver, a win-win for all. So why do we make feeling good by doing good lower on our priority list? We may think it involves money or something even more precious, like time. We may not know how to give or where to give. Or maybe we don’t look beyond ourselves enough to see that others close to us could use our help. It sounds like I’m pointing some fingers here, but truly I’m not. I’m really talking from personal experience because what I’ve learned in the last 18 months of a pandemic is that if I want to feel instantly good about life, the quickest way to do that is to help someone else.

Insulated in ourselves and our families was in some ways a lifestyle choice more prevalent in pre-pandemic than it is now. The pandemic opened our eyes to the need around us…it actually hit us over the head with a baseball bat. Hello!!!! All at once, being nicer to people became a priority, especially to people we didn’t know. (When you only get to talk to someone in person outside your household once every week, you jump at the chance!) In fact, I spoke to anyone and everyone I could! Clerks at the grocery store, shoppers who were fulfilling Instacart’s and who were totally lost trying to find fresh soba noodles (trust me…I can find anything at my local grocer), the service person who sold me stamps at the post office (she now tells me when I’m having a good hair day….which frankly was not that often during the lockdown.) So, it became my passion for finding small ways to be kind and do some good in unexpected places to pay it back.

SimplyFun Blog - Feeling Good By Doing Good

One of the first things I did during lockdown was to put a box of brand-new games on my porch with a big sign for UPS, USPS, and Fed Ex to take some home to their families! At first, they were afraid to take any…so I made it a point of being at the front door when they arrived, pointed to the box, and said, “it’s OK…please take one.” I learned something about each person that came to my door in service. For example, I learned that my Fed Ex driver has several grandkids, and I now ask about his family each time I see him. Putting those games on my porch and adding a hand-written sign did not take a lot of time or effort, but it sent a strong message of caring to those on the receiving end. And guess what? Every time one more game left in the hands of someone, I felt GREAT!

So, where is this all leading?

"Feeling good by doing good doesn’t need to be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. You just need to look for your opportunity."

SimplyFun Blog - Feeling Good By Doing Good

Play It Forward

In February each year, SimplyFun initiates Play It Forward month. With Play It Forward, hosts can earn game packs to give to a group in their community that can benefit from a little joy and laughter.

SimplyFun covers all the details of Play It Forward, including:

  1. Preselecting the packs
  2. Placing the orders
  3. We even cover the cost of shipping!
So all the host has to do is invite friends to party to benefit a group in their area! The result? Our host feels good, the guests feel good, the organization benefits…it’s a Win-Win-Win all the way around!

Plus, you know what? We know we are doing something important as SimplyFun in getting kids and families playing together, regardless of their circumstances! Providing games to help children grow academically or families come together is for us, the best and most meaningful WIN of all! And that feels pretty darn good!