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 Strasburg, Ohio
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I’m Angel Chapman, mom of two energetic boys.   There are 2.5 reasons why I joined SimplyFun. I highly value education and family; it also helps to have an excuse to get some alone time!


As internet connects us with people we’ve never met across the world, it also disconnects us from the very ones we hold so dear.   No judgement here; I use cartoons to babysit, as we don’t have family near.   SimplyFun games help my family turn off screens, reconnect with one another, while learning in a meaningful way! In addition, I wholeheartedly believe that education is key in solving many problems.   Education empowers.   Education provides jobs, and it helps innovation and the world economy.  


SimplyFun’s mission is to reach 1 million families this year.   I personally want to reach the most vulnerable, and change the world – one game at a time, one family at a time.

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