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SimplyFun Blog - Valentines Day Activities with Kids

Valentine's Day Activities with Kids

by SimplyFun

Heart-shaped treats, colorful crafts, and fun games, oh my! As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, why not plan to make it memorable with fun activities for the whole family? Are you planning Valentine’s Day activities for preschoolers, grade school kids, tweens, or teens? Then this list of fun crafts and games will put hearts in their eyes!

Let’s Get Crafty, Valentine!

SimplyFun Blog - Valentines Day Activities with Kids

Nothing says “From the Heart” quite like a DIY Valentine’s Day gift. These ideas are easy, adorable and most of them are printable for a simple craft that won’t require too much time or supplies.

A. What can we say? These Printable Paintbrush Valentines from The House Lars Built are utterly adorable! This DIY is also a simple printable Valentine’s Day craft that children will enjoy assembling.

B. If you are looking to replace candy and sugary cookies this Valentine’s Day, check out this adorably Far-Out DIY Printable Outer Space Fruit craft project that will be simple yet fun for the kids to help create.

C. We love this Printable DIY Valentine’s Sunglasses for Kids because they are simple to craft, require very few supplies, and will be the coolest addition to every child’s Valentine’s Day card box!

D. This Kids Valentine’s Heart-Shaped Wreath is adorably festive and easy to do too! All you’ll need is some colorful felt (or paper), ribbon, and a paper plate to get started!

Valentine’s Day Activities with Kids: Card Games

SimplyFun Blog - Valentines Day Activities with Kids

Card games are the perfect Valentine’s Day activity for kids because they offer portable fun throughout the day. Sneak in a game on a picnic or while sharing dessert at your favorite cafe!

A. Add it Up: In 15 to Zero, players race to get rid of their number cards by matching them to an individual number on a single die or the sum of two or more dice to win the game.

2-6 players • 15-20 min • 7 & up

B. Match the Shapes: Corner Center Match is a zippy matching game where players race to match a corner of a card with the center of the target card in both color and shape before another player makes the match.

2-6 players • 10 min • 7 & up.

C. Who’s your Buddy Match? Children ages 5 & up love matching with the Buddies as they strategize to play matches within their cards in size, color and character. The game gets interesting when a player’s match must be different from the last player’s to play a card.

2-6 players • 10 min • 5 & up

D. A Sum of Fun: Let the good times roll with Betcha Can’t Win, an addition & predicting card game. Roll the dice to match target sums displayed on number cards. Collect all the cards you match, and secure your points if no other player takes your card before your next turn. The player with the most points by the end of the game wins!

2-4 players • 20 min • 8 & up

What’s Cookin’ Valentine?

SimplyFun Blog - Valentines Day Activities with Kids

Culinary play is creative and helps young children sharpen their Fine Motor Skills while teaching older kids how measurements work and the importance of following directions.

A. Kids will love these White Chocolate Valentine’s Pretzels because they are easy yet fun to decorate! Parents will love that they require very minimal ingredients & clean-up!

B. Valentine’s Rice Krispie Treats Are a delicious yet accessible way for children to help in the kitchen while they get creative decorating the surface of these sweet treats!

C. Easy Shortbread Heart Shaped Cookies Kids sure do love cookie cutters and sprinkles! Make this adorably simply heart-shaped cookie and let the kids go to town with sprinkles, icing, or decorating with colorful cookie wrappers and ribbons.

D. Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Truffles are another fun dessert project for the kids because rolling the truffle balls is an excellent sensory experience with sweet rewards! Parents will love that the recipe includes rolled oats and honey as a sweetener for a healthy yet delectable sweet treat kids will love!

Valentine’s Day Activities with Kids: Social Games

SimplyFun Blog - Valentines Day Activities with Kids

Let’s get social and play some fun interactive games for Valentine’s Day! Social games are perfect for teachers looking for valentine’s day activities for their school. They are also ideal for homeschool parents seeking social games for their homeschool kids.

A. Build it with Asymbol: In Asymbol is a social game that’s a whole lotta’ fun for the whole family! In this creative game, players take turns problem-solving to build objects from a category card while other players will try and guess what it is.

3-6 players • 30 min • 8 & up

B. Puppet Theatre: Round up Tibbar, Digger and Pickles for a Valentine’s Day play that will give your littles a case of the giggles! Puppets are a great way to spark early childhood imagination and a fun Valentine’s Day activity for kids!

Ages 3 & up!

C. Let’s Draw with ARTributes: ARTributes is a creative social game that is super fun for the whole family as players take turns drawing pictures based on chosen descriptive words. The rest of the players try to guess the picture before the timer runs out. If guessed correctly, the artist and the guesser each earn a point. The person or team that reaches 15 points first wins.

3-6 players • 30 min • 7 & up

D. Wake Up Stars: Let’s talk about our feelings with Wake Up Stars, an early education game that helps young children learn emotional intelligence and practice story-telling. Players collect stars and share stories about what makes them feel the emotions found on the faces of the stars. The player who collects the most stars wins!

2-4 players • 10 min • 3 & up

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