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SimplyFun Blog - Roobys ABCs Made the Top 10 PAL 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Rooby's ABCs Made the "Top 10 PAL 2021 Holiday Gift Guide"

by SimplyFun

Parents and educators have been abuzz with Rooby’s ABCs since its release in early 2021. From the start, this fun vocabulary board game won a PAL award for its excellence in early reading and language arts. Now, you can find Rooby’s ABCs on the PAL 2021 Gift Guide List!

What is the PAL Award? (Play Advances Language)

The Top 10 PAL Gift Guide is a trusted source of toys and games that are kid-tested for playability and approved by a Speech-Language Pathologist for language development. To make the PAL 2021 Gift Guide List, the toys & games for consideration undergo analysis for language development, engagement, and lasting play value. The process includes input from educators, parents, and children interacting with each game under review.

SimplyFun Blog - Roobys ABCs Made the Top 10 PAL 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Rooby’s ABCs and Early Reading

Rooby’s ABCs helps young learners play their way through alphabet sequencing, letter recognition and early reading.

How to Play:

Players draw letter tokens from their pouch and place them on the boards with the matching letter. The flat end of the tokens represents the correct orientation of the letters.

To place a letter token, players must say the name of the picture associated with it which helps them with early spelling. A completed alphabet board gets a Rooby token! Be the player with the most Rooby tokens to win the game. When there is a tie, those players share the victory!

Rooby’s ABCs is best played with 1-4 players, ages 3 and up, and takes about 10 minutes to play.

SimplyFun Blog - Roobys ABCs Made the Top 10 PAL 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Ready to Play?

Rooby’s ABCs is a fun & engaging way for young players to grasp early reading and vocabulary. Plus, parents appreciate knowing they are setting up their early learners for success with a PAL-Awarded language arts game. Very few gifts will serve children into adulthood, quite like the gift of language. Expand your child’s imagination and self-expression with early reading and language board games like Rooby’s ABCs.

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