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SimplyFun Blog - My Big Thank You to Math

My Big “Thank You” to Math

by Matt Brown

For many, math is boring or seemingly irrelevant. It’s just numbers, formulas and word problems on paper. For others, math is intimidating because it can be abstract, complicated and full of bad memories.

I’m certainly no mathematician as my C+ in high school calculus proves. And, I have felt all those feelings described above. Yet, I’m constantly amazed at how useful and beautiful math actually is.

I confess that I have not been a good friend to math. Time to make some amends. For this month of March Mathness, I want to say a big “thank you” to math for:
  • Letting me argue with friends over who the best baseball player is of all time. My vote is Babe Ruth.
  • Putting satellites in space so many of us can enjoy cell phones, GPS and texting photos with friends.
  • Describing the shape of everything … from circles to snowflakes to the Great Pyramids of Egypt.
  • Building the homemade desk my daughter studies at.
  • E=MC 2
  • Deciding what move to make in all of my favorite games.
  • Paying for that great birthday dinner and leaving a nice tip.
  • Creating patterns that make life more beautiful from the living room rug to the rows of trees in my favorite park to the wings of a Monarch butterfly.
  • Helping me win at a friendly game of golf or catch that Frisbee thrown across the wind.
  • Managing my company’s projections, finances and growth.
  • Making me a creative problem-solver in all areas of life, not just for that weekly Sudoku puzzle.
  • Taking my imagination to new worlds, characters and stories thanks to Pixar, Dreamworks, Lucas Films and so many other filmmakers.

Math is literally everywhere helping us make sense of the world. And…it enables us to create a better, safer, more beautiful world. Math can be boring, intimidating and wildly complex, but its everywhere in our lives. So, think of your own reason to be grateful for math and say a little “thank you” this March.