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SimplyFun Blog - Meet Our Newest Math Games

Meet Our Newest Math Games

by SimplyFun

Say hello to our two newest math games, Acorn Paws and Glow Spotters , we think your family is going to love them!

Glow Spotters

Our newest early-learning math game, Glow Spotters, is for ages five and up, and teaches addition and spatial reasoning skills. Glow Spotters also helps young learners with subitizing, which means “instantly seeing how many”. Play with 1-4 people in under 20 minutes, and kids will love helping the Glow Spotters Troop count fireflies on their nature adventure.

SimplyFun Blog - Meet Our Newest Math Games - Glow Spotters

Glow Spotters from SimplyFun

Glow Spotters

Acorn Paws

Lend a paw and earn your share of acorns as the park squirrels gather all the loose acorns and divide them up. Acorn Paws has players select a card to play each round, with the goal of trying to receive the most acorns from the day’s collection. All players have the same set of cards, so each player must choose the card they think will earn them the largest share. If you’ve collected the most acorns at the end of the game, you win! You can play this one in 15 minutes, with two to four players. Perfect for ages seven and up, this game is designed by world-renowned designer, Reiner Knizia.

SimplyFun Blog - Meet Our Newest Math Games - Acorn Paws

Acorn Paws from SimplyFun

Acorn Paws

Which is your favorite of our new math games? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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