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SimplyFun Blog - Join SimplyFun and Promote Play-Based Learning

Join SimplyFun and Promote Play-Based Learning

by SimplyFun

Do you love board games, making a difference in the lives of children and having a flexible work schedule? If you join SimplyFun as an Independent Consultant, you’ll have the opportunity to nurture the educational needs of children and families by promoting our commitment to play-based learning. Independent Consultants (we call them ‘Playologists’) champion a vibrant, engaging way of learning through selling our games, and earn incentives based on activity level. Best of all, you can accomplish social selling (in person or online) how, and when it’s most convenient for you.

SimplyFun Blog - Join SimplyFun and Promote Play-Based Learning

Create memories and make learning fun

As a Playologist, you get to help make family game nights more interesting and fun! Our catalog of nearly 150 games, spanning four educational categories, helps make play-based learning powerful, fun, and rewarding. We imagine playful and creative ways to teach useful, real-world skills. Plus, our diverse collection of award-winning games brings academic and life skills alive for all ages. Whether you have elementary-aged kids who need a fun way to learn division or a young learner who is ready to start reading, we’ve got a game that will help. SimplyFun games are specifically designed to fit into busy schedules—most games can be played in 30 minutes or less!

SimplyFun Blog - Join SimplyFun and Promote Play-Based Learning

A dynamic community

When you join SimplyFun, right away you’ll connect with and have full access to a community of other active Playologists. Plus, you’ll have support from your passionate team leader and the enthusiastic SimplyFun home office. Join now to become part of a successful company that makes a difference in the lives of children and families!

Earning potential

SimplyFun Playologists receive payment weekly and earn 25% of the retail value of the games sold. Plus, additional monthly bonuses are attainable based on the levels of both individual sales and team activity sales, which can increase the earning potential up to 42%. To learn more about becoming a SimplyFun Independent Consultant, visit our join page. To review the complete compensation plan, click here.