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SimplyFun Blog - How Games Can Enrich Homeschooling

How Games Can Enrich Homeschooling

by Katie Silliman

If you’re wondering how games can enrich homeschooling, I’m here to tell you about my experience. When I first started as an Independent Consultant with SimplyFun, I was new to gameschooling. I had an idea of what it was but not the direct impact it could have on my child’s learning while homeschooling.

While I still use paper and pencil with my kids for a lot of things there are some days when we just need a break. This is where gameschooling is a lifesaver for us. I started introducing games throughout my homeschool day and right away I knew this was going to be great. My then six-year-old taught himself how to do mental math by playing the game Math Room. Now he is nine and loves to play more advanced math games. For example, Sumology is a game he can either play with his siblings or by himself.

SimplyFun Blog - How Games Can Enrich Homeschooling

These games have the flexibility to let you choose how you use them to meet your child’s individual learning style. This is particularly great for homeschooling. My other son learned about dinosaur facts playing Dinosaur Challenge. I created a study unit about dinosaurs, and we incorporated this game at the end. The way we were able to utilize the facts on the cards alongside traditional materials made our study so much more fun! It is now his favorite SimplyFun game.

SimplyFun Blog - How Games Can Enrich Homeschooling

My daughter taught herself how to do order of operations after playing Owl Solve That! Anyone who has ever taught order of operations knows it can difficult for kids to pick up. However, by giving her a practical reason to use order of operations this game taught the concept in a way that was easy to understand and use.

SimplyFun Blog - How Games Can Enrich Homeschooling

You might be wondering if gameschooling could be right for your family, I say give it a try. Get a couple of games in a skill area you’re teaching and see what happens. If it works, then you know what to do next. If not, then you can at least say you tried. Plus, now you have some great games to play with the family outside of school time.

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