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SimplyFun Blog -  Ahoy, New Math & STEM game Phantom Seas!

Ahoy, New Math & STEM game Phantom Seas!

by SimplyFun

SimplyFun Blog - Phantom Seas!

Strengthen your navigation and directional awareness skills with SimplyFun’s newest Math & STEM game, Phantom Seas!

There are many riches to be discovered in these waters, but be careful, for there are tales of a Phantom Ship protecting these treasures! Your loot will vanish if it catches you!

Could you navigate without your GPS? Directional awareness is a skill that improves with use. Our brains process route (where your head is pointing), place (your location within an environment) and grid (the relation between different locations). These three concepts together provide your sense of direction.

SimplyFun Blog - Phantom Seas!

Phantom Seas from SimplyFun

When the seas churn and you find your ship off course, can you orient yourself and identify whether you are facing north, south, east or west? You will need to be able to adjust your bearings to locate the sunken treasures below these turbulent waters.

Players take turns selecting navigation cards with compass instructions to direct their ships toward hidden treasure sites that are scattered across the map while avoiding the Phantom Ship. Be quick and navigate wisely, because the other players have set sail for the very same treasures. The player with the largest bounty at the end of the game is the winner. Phantom Seas is a Math & STEM game for kids 8 and older and focuses on directional awareness and navigational skills.

Designed by award-winning game designer, Reiner Knizia with original and vibrant artwork by SimplyFun’s very own in-house artist, Alvin Madden this game is both visually and mentally stimulating.

SimplyFun Blog - Phantom Seas!

Phantom Seas is suitable for 2-4 players and takes approximately 30 minutes to play. The changing direction and rotation of the game board will challenge players to understand and practice using a compass—included in the game! Ready? Game on!