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SimplyFun Blog - Meet Hazel's Helpers

Meet Hazel's Helpers

by SimplyFun

Hazel’s Helpers supports fine motor skills and decision making

SimplyFun Blog - Meet our newest Math & STEM game just in time for March Mathness!

Meet our newest Life & Thinking Skills game, Hazel’s Helpers! Hazel’s Helpers develops fine motor skills and decision making. It’s also great for construction craft and planning capabilities in young learners ages four and up.

Hazel the Busy Beaver

Hazel is a busy, thick-furred, webbed-footed beaver who has strong swimming skills and large teeth. She uses her talents to fell trees to construct dams and lodges while helping teach her younger siblings (called kits) these important skills too.

SimplyFun Blog - Meet Hazel's Helpers

How to Play

Let’s play Hazel’s Helpers! Players start with 10 log pieces and two cattail pawns. Then, take turns rolling the die—which is marked with various symbols—to determine their actions. Based on the roll, you’ll either connect logs to build their beaver lodge, remove or replace cattails, roll the rock towards an opposing player’s lodge or interact with the ducks–maybe even quack like one! Also, if your roll lands on the beaver tail ‘slap’ symbol, everyone claps their hands to mimic the sound of a beaver tail slapping the water. After that, the player gets to roll again! The first player to use all 10 of their logs to build their lodge wins the game! Hazel’s Helpers is intended for 2-4 players ages 4 and older, and takes 15 minutes to play.

SimplyFun Blog - Meet Hazel's Helpers

What Makes this Game so Special

“Hazel’s Helpers does a great job showing young learners how hard working and smart beavers are.” said Patty Pearcy, President and CEO of SimplyFun. “Not only do players get to learn about how beavers work together using mud, sticks, rocks and logs to build damns and lodges, but they get to practice their own decision making and building skills while exploring creative ways to construct their own beaver lodge.”

SimplyFun Blog - Meet Hazel's Helpers

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