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SimplyFun Blog - 4 Ways Parents Can Help Children Strengthen Their Reading Skills

4 Ways Parents Can Help Children Strengthen Their Reading Skills

by SimplyFun

Reading comprehension skills help children excel throughout their lifetime. Strengthening these vital skills is as easy as playing games and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your child learns.

Imagine your child laughing their way to learning their ABCs and then to reading sentences on their favorite board game. Through play, kids not only learn to read, but they continue strengthening their reading comprehension skills over time.

  • Play Games With Questions

    Any games that include questions that require kids to answer are perfect for strengthening reading comprehension skills. Not only do children have to communicate the question, but they have to comprehend what’s being asked and think about the answer. If they’re just learning to read, show them the words as you read and this helps strengthen reading skills too.

  • Incorporate Storytelling Games

    Storytelling is the ideal way to improve reading comprehension skills. Games that involve creating stories from various prompts teach kids how to take what they’ve read and turn it into something more. For younger children, read them stories and then ask them to explain what you just read.

  • Have Children Act Out Stories

    Make improving reading comprehension skills even more fun by turning reading into a game. After reading a story, encourage children to act out the story themselves. They’ll be so busy with their acting that they won’t even realize they’re learning. You can also play games that involve acting, such as a children’s version of Charades.

  • Use Games That Include Instructions

    Following instructions requires good reading comprehension skills. Play games with your child that involve not only reading instructions, but following them. For instance, a game that has cards that tell kids to move a blue pawn forward six spaces and then discard the card may seem like just another game card, but to a child, it’s also a chance to better comprehend what they’re reading.

    Always make time to play games with your child. You should also encourage your child to play with others. They’ll not only develop better reading comprehension skills, but improve a wide variety of other educational and social skills too.

    Image: Abigail Keenan