Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there are questions you're bound to have when considering a new business opportunity. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about joining SimplyFun.
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Is there a monthly sales requirement?

Our Playologists are not required to meet a monthly sales quota. In order to continue as a consultant with SimplyFun, our Playologists must maintain $500 in personal sales in a rolling 6-month period.

Is there a fee to host my replicated website?

No. SimplyFun provides your replicated website at no cost.

What is the base commission?

Our Playologists earn 25% of the retail value of each game as personal sales profit. This is paid at the time of the sale if taking cash or check, or at the end of the month. Playologists can also earn up to 17% bonus on their own personal sales and the sales of their recruited team. Bonus percentage is based on leadership level.

How often do I get paid?

Playologists are paid by the 10th of each month following the month an order was placed through a replicated website or a party link.

Do I have to carry stock/inventory?

You are not required to carry stock or inventory. We encourage our Playologists to purchase only the amount of inventory that can be sold either through a party or at an event.

Can I sell your games in a retail store?

We do not allow sales of our product through retail establishments including online stores.

Do you discount the Starter Kit/is there a better month to sign up?

Our Starter Kit is already discounted ($270 value in games and business supplies sold at $129), therefore, we do not discount the Starter Kit. Now is the best time to join!

Do you offer my customers monthly promotions?

We offer promotions to our customers, our Party Guests and our Hosts. Additionally, we have a Host Award program that offers Host Award credit as well as half-price games.

I'm a member of another Direct Selling company. Can I still join as a Playologist?

Consultants from another direct selling company may join SimplyFun as a Playologist. However, at certain levels of leadership, you may not hold a leader title in another direct selling company.

Ashley Jesus


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About Me
Welcome to my website! My name is Ashley Jesus, a proud work from home mom of two beautiful girls, and I am so excited to be your SimplyFun Playologist. I wanted to take this time to share a little about myself and my WHY.  
  I love being able to stay home with my girls, ALL of the credit for this goes to my husband who works so hard 6 days a week to provide for our family while I enrich our girls lives through love and play as well as grow my SimplyFun business enough to really include myself as an equal financial provider... which is my ultimate goal! I enjoy reading, walking, baking and family vacations, as well as board games (obvious right? Lol)  
I   enjoy being able to bring families a joyful way to connect and have FUN while learning, giving back to my community, and meeting new people.   Quite a few of my customers & past hostesses I now call my friends, not that we hang out all of the time but we have built relationships that are meaningful & go past just SimplyFun needs.   I love what I do & I am able to share something so important for both children & adults alike.... PLAY!
I also have a VIP group on facebook that's ALL about #momlife, #toddlerlife and kids in general. We all share tips, tricks, and can give/get advice as well as support from each other. If this sounds like a community you'd like to be a part of reach out to me I'll be happy to share the group link with you.   Thank you for allowing me to share a little about me, I'd love to learn more about you and your family too!
Until Next Time..... Game On!  
Ashley Jesus aka PlayologyFun
SimplyFun Playologist  

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