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SimplyFun Blog - Explore Planet Voyagers

Explore Planet Voyagers

by SimplyFun

Explore Planet Voyagers and blast off into fun and learning while touring space and conducting planetary research. SimplyFun’s newest Math & STEM game focuses on astronomy and strategy. Ready? Let’s launch!

SimplyFun Blog - Explore Planet Voyagers

Planets, asteroids, comets, oh my!

In Planet Voyagers, players journey from planet to planet, sending out research probes to earn points. While they travel, they learn interesting facts about the celestial bodies near and far. Players read their voyager cards and data boards, learning important facts about planets, moons, asteroids, and comets. Simultaneously, players analyze their voyager cards, as well as the movements and cards of other players, adapting strategies and making decisions that help them score points. The first player to land their rocket on the planet Neptune or to score 12 points wins the game.

SimplyFun Blog - Explore Planet Voyagers

How to be the top voyager

At the start of each round, each player chooses a single card to play from their hand, being careful to choose a card that helps them earn the most points. Certain cards move individual players rockets to the next planet, while others help players research planets to earn points. Points can be earned by moving rockets across the solar system, earning research tokens, and playing cards with point values. Once a player’s score reaches 12 points or their rocket reaches Neptune, that player immediately wins the game. Planet Voyagers is intended for 2-5 players ages 8 and older. Every round takes about 30 minutes to play. Each game box includes a ‘fun facts’ solar system poster for continued learning after game play.

Out of this world fun!

"Planet Voyagers is a great way to introduce the solar system to young learners." said Patty Pearcy, President and CEO of SimplyFun. "Curiosity is sparked when players uncover important facts about the solar system, while other meaningful skills such as strategy and decision making are practiced throughout game play."

Math and STEM is one of four skill sets that SimplyFun focuses on when developing games. Other skill sets at SimplyFun include Reading and Language Arts, Social Sciences and Studies, and Life and Thinking Skills.

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