From the Game Room of the President & Her Assistant

I recently heard one of our SimplyFun Playologists share that her personal goal was to recommend the right game, for the right moment and the right reason to each of her customers. What a beautiful way to share how our mission, building smarter kids and stronger families can become a reality.

SimplyFun is a young company with a big heart and even bigger dreams to make this world a better place through play. Our team of Playologists take pride in finding the perfect game that fits your family, classroom or occupational needs. And becoming a Playologist at SimplyFun means you can earn a significant income while making PLAY your life's work! As a Playologist you can personally contribute to the success of children and families everywhere, making a difference that will last a lifetime!

It is often the smallest things that can hold a child back, like not understanding alphabet sequencing or place holder value in math. Down the road those early stumbling blocks turn into bigger issues such as "I don't like reading" or "I'm not good at math." How sad to hear children (and adults!) use those words. At SimplyFun we want to give parents the opportunity to identify kids' challenges early. Family play allows parents to see where gaps may exist and take corrective action that help kids keep moving forward in their development.

Like me, I'm sure that you have observed families where communication if it happens, does so via text and email. Can we really appreciate the joy and pain of another person using just those tools? Or do we desire the kind of deeper connections to family and community that only personal face to face interaction can bring? Moments of laugher together are some of the most cherished memories that we make. It is so important that SimplyFun has designed its games to fit into your busy life and to be engaging for young and old alike so that you may experience those special moments with your loved ones.

Our award-winning products (over 50 awards in 2012) meet the needs of today's parents to connect with their children, and participate in their learning not as tutors but as partners. Play is such an important part of the academic, social and emotional learning processes that SimplyFun games are now finding their way into classrooms and learning programs across the country. But there is more to be done! You can help us give kids and families a step up towards success by making play an essential component of your daily life.

We invite you to join our SimplyFun family either as a Playologist sharing these award-winning products or as a Fan that enjoys SimplyFun play in their home and spread the word that PLAY is the answer!

-Patty and Tibbar