Raise the learning. Raise the fun. Raise the funds.

Raise the learning. Raise the fun. Raise the funds


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School Fundraising, Redefined

  • Worth it – 30% of all retail sales back to your group, and NO hidden fees.
  • Easy – The SimplyFun GameRaising ordering app puts fundraising in the palm of your hand. No forms, no cash to collect. Direct-to-home product delivery.
  • Fun – SimplyFun games help children develop educational and life skills through game play, and they’re fun for the whole family


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Our Mission:

“Our mission is to build smarter kids and stronger families through the amazing power of play at home and in the classroom with our award–winning products that contribute to kids’ social, emotional and academic skill development.”

The Benefits of Play:

Play, along with instruction and life experience make up the three ways we learn. Play is essential for developing skills beyond formal instruction, thinking skills that support decision making, creativity, and strategy. We invite you to step inside our SimplyFun world and discover the fun of learning through play!

Fundraising that brings together Parents, Educators, Children, and the importance of play

Our games build SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL, and ACADEMIC skills

at home and in the classroom