School Fundraising, Redefined.

School Fundraising, Redefined

When you raise funds for your school, you want to know what you’re getting back without having to ask “what’s the catch?” Learn how SimplyFun Gameraising is the answer.

A SimplyFun Gameraiser gives you more money for what matters most… your community, your school and your kids.
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Does the thought of managing fundraising duties exhaust you? A SimplyFun Gameraiser makes fundraising so easy, you’ll be a superhero in the eyes of volunteers and parents. Learn more.

Shopping app convenience and direct-to-home product delivery. Can your other fundraisers do that?
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What you sell is just as important as the funds you raise. Learn why SimplyFun games are a win-win for schools and families.

Through inventive and interactive shared play, SimplyFun games bring lessons alive for all ages - from critical thinking and problem solving to creativity and strategy.
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Our Mission:

“SimplyFun believes in the undeniable power of shared play to learn, grow, and realize our fullest, brightest potential. We champion a vibrant, play-based education that enriches our families and ourselves. To contribute to what’s truly important in life—the potential of our children, the success of our schools, and our own personal fulfillment.”

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