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Chess on the Loose

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The game of Chess will never be the same!
Play a standard chess game or any of three fun variations.  Comes with a full chess set and additional cards and tokens.
Ages 8 and up ⋅ 45 Minutes ⋅ 2 Players

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"Four games in one, this is no ordinary chess set. Take Chess to a whole new level! Add a new challenge to your game by adding the Frankencheck monster to the board. Dig for treasures in Treasure Chessed. Or win UFO Spell Check by collecting letters, spell words, and add bonus words to the board. You may never want to play chess the same again!"
Basic Game Play:
Using the same basic chess movements as normal chess, these three variations each add something different to the game. The object still remains as it has for 1500+ years: capture your opponent's king.
  • New variations are fun for those who are learning chess
  • Alternate rules provide variety for those who already know chess rules
  • Chess players show significant advancement in spatial skills, problem solving and logical thinking


  • Strategy
  • Decision Making

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