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Betcha Cant Win

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Step right up and roll the dice!
Combine dice sums to take possession of individual cards. Steal unlocked cards from other players as you race to collect the cards with the most value.

Ages 8 and up ⋅ 20 Minutes ⋅ 2 - 4 Players



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AboutHighlightsCustomer ReviewsCore CurriculumSKILLSSpecial NeedsAutismExtended Play


This colorful “boardwalk” theme creates a fun carnival like game experience.Roll dice and combine their sums to match target sums displayed on number cards.  Collect the number cards you match and secure their points if no other player can match their target sum that round. Roll as many times as you like to try to match the sum on the Number Cards but be careful there is a price to pay!Secure the Most points by the end of the game to win!     


  • Addition
  • Predicting
  • Decision Making

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