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Bid A Letter

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Can you be the First to play all your Letters!
Each round, bid a letter for the timing of your turn and a chance to add to a word chain. Bids are won based on alphabetical order. As each player adds letters, words change. Bid wisely to be the first player to place all of your tiles and win the game.
Ages 12 and up ⋅ 40 Minutes ⋅ 2 - 6 Players

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Bid a letter for a chance to go first each round. Bids are won based on alphabetical order. On your turn, use your Letter Tile to build, expand and/or change a word in one of the four Word Chains. Select your Letter carefully, have the Letter that comes first in the alphabet to win the bid and go first.  The first player to play all of his or her Letter Tiles is the winner.


  • Vocabulary
  • Sequencing
  • Planning

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