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Skydiving with none of the danger!
It's a skydiving adventure with all the fun and none of the danger, and we provide the parachutes! Score points each round by staying in the highest zone, and then finally make a skillful landing for bonus points. This playful game is filled with strategy and fun for kids and parents.
Ages 8 and up ⋅ 30 Minutes ⋅ 2 - 5 Players
Early Elementary

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"Ever wondered what it is like to parachute out of a plane? Well, join your friends by jumping into FreeFall and be the flyer to most successfully land."
Basic Game Play:
Pick your Parachute and set up the Landing Zone! "Woosh!" around the Landing Zone to earn more landing points for you or less points for the other flyers. Use the score board to keep track of the total points earned each jump. Make the best landing you can and be careful not to crash!


  • Visual Mapping
  • Tactical Planning
  • Risk & Reward

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