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Math Medalist

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Two games in 1 box gives you more chances to become a Math Medalist!
Advance your multiplication and addition skills to become a Math Medalist with these two great games in one box. In one game add to 100 in 10s to score your tiles, then flip the board for a completely different game using the multiplication table to take control of areas and create the highest score.

Ages 8 and up ⋅ 30 Minutes ⋅ 2 - 4 Players

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Math Medalist is two math competitions in one box!  The first game is Multiplication Zones. Control as many zones as you can by placing the most markers in each zone.  The product of your equation determines where you place your marker.  The player who controls the most zones at the end of the game wins!  The second game is Field of Hundreds.  Place your tile next to a matching color tile with numbers that add up to 100 and move your pawn around the track.  The player who runs the farthest wins.  In both competitions one player wins the game, but all players become Math Medalists!


  • Multiplication - In Multiplication Zones, multiply the number on the cards to determine where you can place your marker on the gameboard.

  • Addition - In Field of Hundreds, find matching tiles with numbers that add up to 100.  Move your athlete farther on the track by matching the sides of the tiles and adding those numbers to your total distance.

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