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Grab your backpack and get ready to go on a hike!
Prepare your pack, then match the cards drawn on the hike to what’s in your backpack to continue or risk losing your precious supplies! Be the last player to leave the hike to win points.


Ages 8 and up ⋅ 30 Minutes ⋅ 2 - 5 Players

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Prepare your backpack with the best cards you can. When you are ready, take a hike! Others may join you so know when to keep going and when to stop and collect some miles traveled points. Match the cards drawn on the hike to what's in your backpack to continue, or risk losing your precious supplies!  Watch out for the Hazard Cards, you may need to have some Bear Spray handy!  Be the last player to leave the hike to collect the cards drawn, adding miles to your score. The player with the most miles traveled wins the game!


  • Predicting
  • Planning
  • Strategy

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