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Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.
No one element controls all the others. Use element strength to control areas of the board for points.
Ages 10 and up ⋅ 40 Minutes ⋅ 2 - 4 Players

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"Remember rock, paper, scissors that taught us that everything has a value ranking, sometimes higher and sometimes lower? Matter takes that to a whole new level using Water, Fire, Earth and Air to control the Matter tiles on the board! This is a great game for strategy lovers."
Basic Game Play:
Water douses Fire, Fire scours Earth, Earth repels Air, and Air evaporates Water!  Matter is a game of hierarchy, where each of the four elements has a counter-element that reduces its power. Boost your elementals by connecting matching tiles, and avoid tiles that will weaken them.  Gain control of the numbered Matter tiles by placing Elementals around the Matter.  An Elemental's power is increased or reduced by the Elements that surround it. The Player who controls the most Matter tile points secures a victory!


  • Strategy
  • Predicting
  • Planning

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