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Math Room

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Mathematics really is the key
Use Quick addition or subtraction with numbers 1 - 10 on your key to be the first to cover all the windows in your inn.  Cover a window, and then ring the bell to turn the keys.
 Ages 5 and up ⋅ 15 - 20 Minutes ⋅ 2 - 4 Players
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In Math Room, you'll do basic addition or subtraction trying to be the first to cover all the windows on your numbered board. Solve the problem on your key that corresponds to the color just rolled on the die. If anyone wants to try a different problem, they race to be first to ring the bell. This lets them flip over their key and do the problem on the back instead. This game is a great way to practice plus and minus with answers ranging from 1 to 10 - perfect for counting on small fingers or toes! 
Be the first player to cover ALL the numbers on your Math Board to win the game!


  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Quick Thinking

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