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Bubbles and Puddles

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Bubbles and Puddles is two games in one!
Bubbles and Puddles will teach your child early counting and taking turns. A great game for the first time gamer in your family.
Ages 3 and up ⋅ 15 Minutes ⋅ 2 - 4 Players


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Roll the Die to move the Rubber Duck and discard the Tile where the Rubber Duck lands. Replace a Tile from the discard pile when you roll the Duck Symbol. To Win the Bubbles game be the last player with a Tile left in Play. To win the Puddles game be the first player to remove all your Tiles.

For each game, the set up and game play is the same, but the game objectives are slightly different. In the Bubbles game, the last player to have at least one Bubbles Tile left in their section wins the game! In the Puddles game, the first player to remove all the Puddle Tiles from their section wins the game!


  • Counting
  • Taking Turns

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