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Bee Alert

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You must always BEE ALERT
Find the matching color bee under the hive in this fun memory game.
Ages 5 & up ⋅ 15 - 20 Minutes ⋅ 2 - 5 Players

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AboutHighlightsCustomer ReviewsCore CurriculumSKILLSSpecial NeedsAutismExtended Play


"You'll be busy as a bee trying to remember what's under each hive in this quick memory game."
Basic Game Play:
Like all bears, our little buddy Beary loves the taste of honey! On each turn players must "BE ALERT" to remember under which hive the colored bee was last seen. Each turn, a player turns over one of the cards and then tries to guess where that bee is hiding. If right, they may collect the hive. First to get 4 wins!


  • Memory
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Taking Turns

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