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Bank It

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Earn. Save. Buy a bike!
Manage your money wisely and shop for a good bargain while saving money for your bike! Bank It! introduces concepts of saving, interest, and giving.
Ages 8 and up ⋅ 30 Minutes ⋅ 1 - 4 Players

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"One of the most important lessons we can teach our children is how to manage money. And it is an on-going lesson, isn't it? Bank It! is a fun way for children to learn the basics of saving, spending wisely, and donating to charity."
  • Players make decisions about purchasing items, looking for sales, adding to their savings account, donating to charities, and budgeting. This helps children have an overall understanding of financial management.
  • Players have the option of purchasing items at the retail price or waiting until there is a sale. This component gives them a chance to experience the pros and cons of immediate and delayed gratification.
Basic Game Play:
In order to win, players need to purchase an item from four different stores, donate to a charity and save money, which accumulates interest, in order to reach the ultimate goal of buying a bicycle. Race other players to save enough money to purchase a new bicycle! Earn money doing chores and other jobs. Earn interest on your savings account. Manage your money wisely and shop for a good bargain.
Players are required to make smart decisions about how and when to spend their money.


  • Money
  • Decision Making

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