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Spell Trek

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Spell your way across the board by finding missing vowels
Put the missing vowels back into the animal words, and then move your truck along the trek to be the first player to cross the finish line.
 Ages 6 and up ⋅ 30 Minutes ⋅ 2 - 4 Players

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"You and your friends are on an amazing journey around the world, taking pictures of all the things you find. But somehow all the vowels are missing from your photos! Put the missing vowels back into your words to move ahead, and be the first player to reach the finish line to win."
Basic Game Play:
Players draw vowel tiles and use them to complete words. Scoring is based on the length of the word spelled, with a bonus point for more complex words that are missing two vowels.


  • Vowels
  • Spelling

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